The Redscale in all its Forms


Redscale film is one of my favorite. This is why I propose a panel that I could build and test with different films.

The redscale is a very interesting film by its unique look. Indeed, no other film is able to provide such a colorful heat. The redscale also offers aesthetically speaking, an aged appearance, a kind of relationship to something old. Nevertheless, it can be very contemporary in topics and selected exposure.

Lomography redscale 100, 120 & 35mm

This is one of the first films of this type that I’ve experienced. It offers a hot rendering, or even flamboyant. It reacts very well with cameras like the Lubitel but much less with Miss Diana. Although I managed to shoot beautiful Fisheye pictures with this film and my Diana, I think I lost three rolls to get what I wanted. This is why this couple (Diana / redscale 100) still seems like something totally improbable.
Its 35mm version is much easier to use and offers a more extensive color rendering, it tends to turn pink if you use ISO 50.

Photo taken with Diana F+ Tori Amos Limited, fisheye lens
Credits: jaybees80

Photos taken with Lubitel 166, Olympic Édition

Photo taken with Zenit E

Lomography redscale XR 50/200, 120 & 35mm

This is a much more interesting film by its color depending on the generosity of the ISO power which it is exposed. She may have flaming colors, like becoming green, blue or pink. Simply put, if you expose it to ISO 200 (or its maximum strength), you get orange / yellow / black. On the contrary, if you choose to lower your ISO to 100 or 50, your colorimetry will vary between pink, blue green, blue, or yellow if the weather permits.

Photos taken with FED5, Zenit E, Lomo LCA+ Russia Day

the x-process on redscale

My first test to cross a redscale had color rendering that I’ve never received. I think it’s due to a problem in chemistry. Nevertheless, this is more astonishing and psychedelic.

Photos taken with Semflex, Lomo redscale XR 50/200, 120

The E6 process worked better on the 35mm. Indeed, unlike a typical process in C41, the redscale lost here all his flamboyance in favor of much colder colors such as green and blue. I also note that the colorimetry is much sharper and selective when it crosses this type of film.

Photos taken with Zenit E

Rollei Redbird, the absolute perfection

The Redbird is my top 10 in redscales, it really gives a magnified rendering. These colors are very hot, the color balance is interesting. I would say it has something unreal. However, if you develop your own film, I recommend that you use for this film, Rollei C41 chemistry . Warning! a small thing to know when you do it yourself, the products redscale use get dirty very quickly. So use products in mid-life or dedicated entirely to this type of film.

Photo taken with LCA+ Russia Day

Night Bird and its specific requirements

Rollei Night Bird is a redscale 800 ISO. It is sold as being designed for conditions of night shooting, or for when the light is not ideal. I tested it for the first time during the symphony concert of Tori Amos in Brussels in February 2012. The rendering was not what I hoped, very red colors, a deep black, purplish colors (which have their charm, but were not included) probably due to the fact that the film stuck in the developing tank.

I retried this film later, but during the day, always with my LC-A. The rendering is nice but does not convince me. In fact, I think the Night Bird darkened the photo too much. It belongs to a very particular aesthetic based on a kind of a reverse of black and white, in red and black. It can actually be interesting at night or in conditions of suboptimal lighting.

Finally, I will not abandon the idea of ​​finding a way to take advantage of this Night Bird. How? I do not know yet. The Red Bird seems to be out of stock for a long time. Will it get discontinued? I still have two rolls that I dare not use for the moment, maybe its will be the last.

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translated by jaybees80


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