Young Mila Kunis In Lisa Frank Fashions While Hugging A Stuffed Golden Retriever

Before she was Jackie in "That 70's Show", Meg in "Family Guy" and Lily in "Black Swan," she was a very perky and precocious commercial model for the colorful kids' brand!

Photo via izsmile

Between her roles as a jealous girlfriend, helpless daughter and homoerotic ballerina, it’s hard to imagine Hollywood hottie Mila Kunis as a child endorser for the brand that screams rainbows, unicorns and glitter. Or if you think about it, it may have been the perfect launching pad for her amusing acting career. Check out the Lisa Frank ad from 1993 below and see young Mila ham it up for the cameras!

Mila Kunis for Lisa Frank (1993) via YouTube

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