Summer Photography Tips: What To Bring To A Summer Photowalk


Summer is a favorite season for photo walking, especially for you cross-processing lovers. Here are some reminders on what to bring for some fun photo walking under the summer sun!

Credits: walasiteodito

1. Low ISO films

Low ISO films are essential during summer photo walks, especially when you are using fixed aperture and fixed shutter speed cameras. I recommend you to use only ISO 100 and below. This also helps when you’re a sucker for depth of field like me. I always want to use my SLR on wide open apertures, so for a sunny day it is very important for me to load it up with low ISO films.

Credits: walasiteodito

2. Water

In some parts of the world, especially in tropical countries, summer heat is almost unbearable, so bringing water is also a must on your what-to-bring checklist. We don’t want to be dehydrated right? So it is very, very important to always drink water.

Credits: walasiteodito

3. Extra clothes

Of course, walking under the sun will surely make you sweat cats and dogs so never forget to bring extra clothes. This one is very important if you are having a photo walk with your crush. You don’t want him/her to see your sweaty armpits right? Haha. Just make sure you bring comfortable ones.

Credits: walasiteodito

4. Sunblock

Don’t want to be sunburned? Then never forget the sunblock! It helps you protect your skin from harmful sun rays at noon.

Credits: walasiteodito

5. Umbrella or hat

Another one of the things that will protect you from the sun. Hats are more recommended, especially if you are a two-handed shooter, though an umbrella will also work as props for sudden photo shoots!

Credits: walasiteodito

6. Changing bag or black jacket

There was one time when a friend was using a Holga camera with 35mm. The roll was finished and he needed to change film and rewind by hand but unfortunately no one had a changing bag. So what we did is use a black jacket inside a backpack and it worked quite well, save for a few light leaks. So I strongly suggest you bringing a changing bag as it might come in handy in case you suddenly decided to redscale a film!

Credits: walasiteodito

6. Your friends!

And last but not the least, bring your friends! No matter how hot it gets, photo walking with your friends will always make it worth it. Friends come in handy too when you run out of subjects to shoot haha!

Credits: walasiteodito

Have fun photo walking under the sun!

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  1. rooftophoto
    rooftophoto ·

    2 nice post =)

  2. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    Thanks! @rooftophoto

  3. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Great tips.

  4. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    thanks for reading @mafiosa

  5. kiddo20
    kiddo20 ·

    nice shot sir! galing! I hope I'm still in Philippines coz there lots of things that I can capture! haha

  6. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    @kiddo20 you should visit! actually kahit saan namang lugar madame ka macacapture, you just have to look harder!

  7. kiddo20
    kiddo20 ·

    hehe may shots ako nung umuwi ako nung march. kaso konti nga lang. haha well i'll be back there soon.

  8. superlighter
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    haha! funny but clever post!

  9. rbruce63
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    Outstanding collection of pictures, cameras and common sense pieces of advice!

  10. hiimkizzy
    hiimkizzy ·

    I never realized the Filipino community was so into analogue cameras! So jealous!! I definitely miss the Philippines and I will definitely be bringing my Holga and La Sardina! :) Also, amazing shots!!

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