LomoKino Community Project by brommi and frauspatzi


Brommi has a large collection of T-shirts on which cameras are to be seen. For a long time we have the idea to present you his T-shirt collection. The idea of making a LomoKino movie, haunted for some time in our minds. On the occasion of "My Analogue Life Video Contest" rumble we met to realize our idea.

The idea of ​​making a LomoKinoMovie of brommis t-shirt collection was created some time ago. Brommi wrote to me so often that he has found a new camera t-shirt. Meanwhile, his collection consists of eleven t-shirts. Brommi shows so often and many people that he loves analog photography. In addition to a camera, so many of us carry around with them, a t-shirt is a super way to show his passion and to come into conversation with other people.

Brommi and part of his collection

When we read the My Analogue Life Video Contest was quite clear that it was time to shoot the video to enter the rumble.

Credits: brommi

With the decision to participate in the competition, began the planning phase directly. Numerous messages were exchanged, everybody had his ideas until we finally found a common thread. I think that just makes the charm when you start a community project. You can be so wonderfully creative and fool around together.

Also, it fit perfectly into our plans that the month may has so many holidays. We were able to quickly find a date to meet. Brommi was so nice and made ​​his way to Minden. For half a day we had planned for shooting and that was also realistic.

Behind the scenes!

When the day was there, we had great weather, which helped immediately to good humor and creativity. We shot the video at different locations on a lake, on the Weser (river), in front of a mill (mill area Minden-Luebbecke), in a field with desiccated scrub, at a large place in front of a museum, near one of street-artists built wooden train, in front of a graffiti wall and on top of a wall, which protects the fishing city before the flood. Because we were shooting on a holiday, we had a lot of spectators.

Moreover, it happens not so often that a young man is undressing in public. My friend was afraid that we get a complaint about the “public nuisance.” Well, whatever, we were not unremarkable and that is also the concept of our message, we want to show in the movie that we love analog photography.

In this context, I remember just the two elderly ladies who sat on a bench near the “river-scene” and the one said to the other (when brommi took off the shirt): “Ooh lala now it gets hot!”

After we had banned all scenes on film, we went to my house. Our stomachs were growling, yes, a video shoot is exhausting, so we threw on the grill! In the meantime, my Jobo Processor heated with the development chemistry and we developed the first two films. Excited we opened the box and developers happy we were when we were able to take a first look at the negatives.

The further work we have also divided. I developed the other films, each of us digitized a part of the negatives for the movie and the “making-of”, brommi added the individual photos into a video together, thought headings and selected the music.

Credits: brommi

Shooting an analogue movie is challenging and requires a lot of time. But it was a lot of fun and joy and most importantly, it has shown us that we are a good team!

written by frauspatzi on 2013-06-30 in #lifestyle #photowalk #35mm-films #analogue-photography #filme #analogue-cameras #fashion
translated by brommi

One Comment

  1. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    Awesome project, great video, super lomo-team! Well done guys! For what it's worth, you got my vote for the analogue video contest ;-). @brommi @frauspatzi

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