Michael Jackson’s evolution as seen on his album covers

In fond remembrance of the King of Pop, we present to you a collection of his album covers.

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No one can deny Michael Jackson’s contributions to the music industry. Despite his involvement in a number of controversies and unexpected death, he rightfully earned the title “King of Pop” throughout his career. Michael Jackson was truly talented. We remember him for his iconic dance moves, distinct singing voice, and most especially for those songs that permeated the airwaves for a very long time.

Michael Jackson started croonin’ and groovin’ with his siblings in the 60’s as part of Jackson Brothers, and then of The Jackson 5. When he died four years ago, Jackson’s career had survived over four decades.

His music—-as well as his appearance—-evolved throughout his career. Whatever MJ did, it became the benchmark for pop music. His work has inspired other artists in differentiated genres, and his influence on music and pop culture is unparalleled.

Today marks Michael Jackson’s fourth death anniversary. In fond remembrance of the King of Pop, we present to you a collection of his 10 album covers, from his first record, Got to Be There, which was released in 1972, to his final album, Invincible, released in 2001.

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Are you a Michael Jackson fan? What’s your favorite Michael Jackson album, and which album cover do you like best?

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