Weezer's Brian Bell With His Pig Nose Pressed Against A Glass Window With Photographer Terry Richardson's Reflection


Does he look like Buddy Holly? Say it ain't so!

Photos via Terry's Diary

Check out these nostalgic black and white photos of alternative rock band Weezer shot by infamous film photographer Terry Richardson way back in 1994!

Photos via Terry's Diary

Terry followed frontman Rivers Cuomo and the rest of Weezer around town (Beverly Hills, perhaps?) and captured them using Kodak T-MAX film and an SLR, as you can see from his mirror reflections. Can you identify which camera it is?

Credits: icomewhenieatcaponata

These days, Terry is known for his extroverted and exhibitionist shooting style and use of the cult classic Yashica T4. Check out his latest work in Terry's Diary!

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  1. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    Cool snap of the Terry caricature, @icomewhenieatcaponata!

  2. muhamad_haiz_shamsudin
    muhamad_haiz_shamsudin ·

    Ahhh, my favourite drrrty ol man. Love that man!

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