My Analogue Alphabet

The alphabet is composed of letters that form words when they're put together. But I've given a different meaning to the alphabet by creating an analogue alphabet. I'm sure you'd have other words to represent these letters, but these are the ones I've chosen. Which one do you think is my favorite?

The letters of the alphabet are not only the units that form words, but also a group of objects whose meaning is different for each person.

To me, they mean:

A: Amigos
True friends are an important part of my life.

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B: Black and white
Black and white photography for me is quintessential photography.
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C: Close up
I’m always curious about watching things from a close perspective to see the details that are not seen by the naked eye.
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D: Doubles (film swap)
It’s my passion, my way of sharing with friends, meeting new people and seeing new places, and traveling around the world.
Crédits: atria007 & niccie

E: Experiment
Experimenting with and and looking for new, different things is part of the fun in photography.
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F: Fuji
I simply love its color and saturation.
Crédits: atria007

G: Grain
I’m not enthusiastic about grain but it’s a part of photography, and you will encounter it sooner or later. And yes, it’s very annoying!
Crédits: atria007

H: Horizon
I like to see the world in a panoramic view, in 120º.
Crédits: atria007

I: Infrared
To discover new colors, to change the state of the things and to imagine the world in a different way.
Crédits: atria007

J: Just shoot!
I love this expression. Sometimes, it´s good to shoot without thinking of anything else.
Crédits: atria007

K: Kodak.
They´re simply my favorite films. That´s all.
Crédits: atria007

L: Love
Love makes the world move: love for your partner, your friends, things, passions…it comprises many things.
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M: Medium format
I wasn’t very fond of it, but I grew to like it more and more every time!
Crédits: atria007

N: Never say never
Reject negative thinking, never say I can’t do this. This is analogue, so expect the unexpected.
Crédits: atria007

O: Obsession
We all have at least an obsession, and over time we acquire more. I must confess that even though I have many obsessions, this is the most common.
Crédits: atria007

P: Panoramas
I simply love them. Real or invented, they’re all panoramas anyway.
Crédits: atria007

Q: Quiet moments
Alone with my camera, chillin’, watching, appreciating instants and details… and it’s silent. These are the best moments.
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R: Redscale
I don´t understand why people hate it. Orange, red, green and blue tones. Saturation, contrast, black colors, homemade… it fascinates me!
Crédits: atria007

S: Sprockets
Holes, holes, and more holes!
Crédits: atria007

T: Try to be patient
Yes, you read that right. Keep calm, don´t give up. Everything has its time. If you don’t get your desired results, you’ll get them soon enough. If you’re not patient, you won’t reach your goals.
Crédits: atria007

U: Use your imagination
Invent, create, look from a different angle… these are the things that distinguish us from the rest, take advantage of it!
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V: Vignette
A classic feature of photos taken with toy cameras, dark corners, gradual shading…
Crédits: atria007

W: Wait
Wait for the moment, for the right instant…wait for it all!
Crédits: atria007

X: X-pro
Saturation, amazing colors, exaggeration…
Crédits: atria007

Y: Yashica FX-3
This is a very special camera for me, with a familiar story. I know I should use it more, but it has a special meaning.
Crédits: atria007

Z: ZzzzZzz!!!…This is the end!


written by atria007 on 2014-03-11 in #lifestyle

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