Stop Motion Sunday: Strawberry Swing

If you liked last week's featured stop motion music video, we're sure you're going to love this week's offering. Maybe you've seen it before, but then, maybe you've forgotten about it as well, so read on to watch the amazing stop motion video for Coldplay's Strawberry Swing!

The task of piecing a bunch of stills together to make a stop motion video may be laborious enough in itself, but some filmmakers don’t mind the work making even more challenging, as with the case of the amazing music video for alternative rock band Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing.

It has been years since the world first watched the music video, which became popular for the catchy storytelling and the amazing amount of hand-drawn detail. But it still never fails to amaze, and can easily be placed alongside modern stop motion favorites. Like last week’s feature on Her Morning Elegance, Strawberry Swing was also made in just one setting (this time, out in the streets, literally), but the magic came from the changing scenery brought about by the talented hands who drew shifting landscapes and characters in chalk.

If you’re ready to be amazed again, watch Strawberry Swing below:

Then, if that made curious, find out more about the making of the music video, head to this Motionographer interview with Shynola, the visual artists behind it!

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