Top Photo Uploaders of May 2013


Sometimes, I just can't believe the figures I am seeing. For the time, the effort, and the number of films (!!!) spent on the number of Lomographs uploaded in our Community are just crazy!

But we’ve got to give our salutes to these Lomographers who patiently uploaded their wonderful Lomographs for the month of May 2013. Congratulations, top photo uploaders!

jerryka (3,750 photos)
mediabrus (1,283 photos)
jazon (1,113 photos)
why-yu (823 photos)
sarahandsarah (692 photos)
copefan (677 photos)
the_woo (562 photos)
wil6ka (543 photos)
hhjm (491 photos)
sirio174 (484 photos)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-06-08 in #news #top-photo-uploaders #may-2013-recap #2013-community-recap

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