Salvatore Ferragamo Posing with Custom Wooden Lasts of Multiple Hollywood Stars


Salvatore Ferragamo found his calling as a shoemaker and footwear designer at the tender age of 9, when he decided to make shoes for his sisters to wear to their First Communion because their parents simply could not afford it.

Photo via Messy Nessy Chic

After this first jaunt, Salvatore then went to Naples, Italy to study shoemaking. Then at the age of 13, he returned to his native town of Bonito and opened his first business on his parents’ home.

In 1914, sixteen-year-old Salvatore undertook the long journey to the United States to live with one of his brothers who worked at a cowboy boot factory in Boston. […] The modern techniques and machinery used in the production of the cowboy boots impressed the aspiring shoemaker. However, he was less than impressed with the quality of the final product.

From Boston, Salvatore made his way to California, where he ultimately landed in Hollywood via Santa Barbara. While in Santa Barbara, Ferragamo began making shoes and boots for the film industry using the traditional techniques he had learned as an apprentice in Naples. The movie stars were so wowed by the quality of his shoes that they began ordering their own custom footwear directly from the designer.

Information from this article was taken from Messy Nessy Chic.

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