Alfred Hitchcock pointing at the camera while in Cannes in 1972

It's as if the master filmmaker is saying, "I want you to watch my films!"

Photo via The Spectator

Hailed and remembered as one of the world’s best filmmakers, every film aficionado is bound to include the riveting films of Alfred Hitchcock on his or her to-watch list, with North by Northwest (1959), Psycho (1960), and The Birds (1963) being some of the best known ones. But just in case, he seems to be pointing fingers at the camera to remind us that he’s not called “The Master of Suspense” for nothing, and we should be watching his films if we haven’t seen them yet!

The photo above was snapped in Cannes in 1972, when he attended the Cannes Film Festival to promote his 1972 serial killer thriller Frenzy, which was screened during the festival but not entered in the main competition.

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