Introducing: A Lomography Guide To Scanning Website


Every Lomographer and analogue enthusiast know first-hand the importance of scanning. Without this technology we wouldn't be able to share our photos online! Read up on the basics and crucial starter tips we've put together just for you in one convenient website.

Ta-da! We’ve been hard at work putting together a one-stop resource for all things related to scanning and now we are mighty pleased to present A Lomography Guide To Scanning – a brand new website made especially for you for all your scanning needs.

Specially designed for beginners to the more advanced, get answers to all your burning questions about taking the art of scanning into your own hands right here! Find expert advice on choosing the right scanner for you and discover the different kinds of scanning masks you should know about to get the most out of your delicate film negatives. We also dished out the best ways to scan those special Lomgoraphy formats from sprocket holed photos, overlapping panoramas to X-Pros!

This new website is perfect for the frugal analogue photographer who’s been searching for a cost-effective solution to save a little bit more (perhaps to buy more films?). It is also a great resource for those who desire to have more control over the outcome of their scans and completely involve themselves in the over-all quality of their film photographs.

If you fit the bill then destiny has brought you to this website on this fine day. If you have a blog, why not spread the good word about our new site too while you’re at it? Post the link to your blog post in the comment box below and we will reward you with 5 Piggies for your good deed to the rest of humanity. Just make sure to do it between now until Wednesday, May 29th and these Piggies are as good as yours to spend on our Shop!

Be a scanning know-it-all and get dirty with your negatives, visit A Lomography Guide To Scanning today!

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  1. rocafish
    rocafish ·

    April 26? Did you mean May 26? and, i put the link in my blog, and then i put the link of my blog here? I dont understand very well hehehe by the way, te website its so cool!

  2. taranoia
    taranoia ·

    @rocafish - Thanks for spotting the typo! We've corrected this now and extended deadline for all blog entries until May 29, Wednesday.

    If you want to participate, all you have to do is write a blog post about the website along with a link to it, then put the link to your blog post here so we can take note which bloggers to give 5 Piggies to! Hope this is much clearer :)

  3. rocafish
    rocafish ·

    You welcome! and i dont speak english very well so, now i understand so much better how can i participate ajajajajaja thank you!

  4. rocafish
    rocafish ·

    And here, its my blog entry!…

  5. ester_s_ch
  6. paulm99
    paulm99 ·

    you must have really great grafic designers. thumbs up for the website :-)

  7. taranoia
    taranoia ·

    Thanks everyone, keep those submissions coming! We also welcome blogs outside of Lomography too :)

  8. unluogocomune
  9. unluogocomune
    unluogocomune ·

    @taranoia : Was I in time to get Piggies? :)

  10. unluogocomune
    unluogocomune ·

    @taranoia : Was I in time to get Piggies? :)

  11. taranoia
    taranoia ·

    @unluogocomune - Yes made it in time for the free Piggies. Will be sending them out soon ;) Thanks to all who participated!

  12. rocafish
    rocafish · Hey, i also write an article in my private blog!

  13. taranoia
    taranoia ·

    @rocafish - Awesome, thanks for sharing our new website at your personal blog too! We can only give out 5 Piggies per community member for the blog submissions though :) Enjoy the Piggies and happy shopping!

  14. unluogocomune
    unluogocomune ·


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