Suited photographer lying on his belly and aiming his camera as his fellow photographers keep their cameras rolling


Seeing this interesting photo, one can't help but wonder, what was happening at the time during the 1965 Cannes Film Festival, and what was this intrepid photographer trying to shoot with such an unusual stance?

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So many interesting things seem to be happening all at one in this intriguing and fascinating photograph, don’t you agree? Aside from the obvious — the photographer in suit and sandals adapting a rather unusual stance and aided by his camera bag for support to get the shot that he wants — it’s worth noting the beautiful motion picture cameras held by the other photographers. Maybe you’re also wondering, what could the brave photographer be shooting for it to warrant such a stance? All I found out about this photo is that they are press corps photographers out filming and taking photos during the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

Maybe you can also help us identify some of the gloriously analogue cameras in this photo? Comment away with your answers!

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    I love the flowers on the ground...

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