A Portrait of Love: Sweet Moments Captured with the LomoKino

If you've ever wondered about the ways you can make some of the most special events in your life even more special, maybe you can get an idea from a LomoKino video where some sweet moments of a newly-married couple were captured on film. Watch the video after the jump!

Here at Lomography, we love how film photographers and analogue filmmakers have been finding many ways to make their most important life events even more memorable by capturing the happenings on film. One such example is a LomoKino film shot by Vimeo user Diana Bejerano, which is in effect a moving — literally and figuratively — portrait of a just-married couple.

While short on details, there’s no doubt that the aptly named video is a testament of love between the couple whose tender moments were captured on film.

Watch “A Portrait of Love” below:

What do you think of this touching portrait of love captured using the LomoKino? Share your thoughts with a comment below!

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