Elke Sommer against a sea of photographers and spectators and looking back with a shy smile

Couldn't blame those photographers at Cannes for flocking to the gorgeous German actress -- she was a European pin-up favorite who eventually also became a Hollywood favorite in the 1960s!

Photo via LIFE Images hosted by Google

From the archive of LIFE Images comes this interesting photo of the lovely Elke Sommer amid the sea of spectators, reporters, and photographers who had flocked before her for a photo during the 1962 Cannes Film Festival. One can only imagine how LIFE Magazine photographer Paul Schutzer snapped this shot — perhaps, he called out to the gorgeous German actress, who responded with a glance to see the photographer ready with his camera. He presses the shutter just as she decides to give him a quick, shy smile.

It’s also definitely worth mentioning the dozens of beautiful classic cameras adorning the neck of each photographer dressed to the nines. TLR cameras seemed to be en vogue at the time, don’t you think?

Stay tuned for more of these vintage photos of stars looking classy and elegant during the Cannes Film Festivals of the previous decades!

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