Fomapan 100 and Diana F+: A Recipe for a Magic Atmosphere!


This was the first time I used a black and white film roll inside my Diana F+ camera. I have chosen a Fomapan 100 because I wanted to obtain some vintage grey tones and because for the first time, I didn't want to use a more expensive film, like my preferred Ilford rolls! After developing it, I was pleasantly surprised by the magic atmosphere of the images! Read more!

Spring time. In this season, my lake is wonderful, and every sunny day is good to visit one of the many wonderful villages around it. The Lake of Como is one of the most beautiful of Italy, with its black water surrounded by the pre-Alps mountains.

So, after I loaded my Diana F+ with a Fomapan 100 film roll, I made a short trip in Blevio, five kilometers from my city Como.

Credits: sirio174

Blevio is a small village on the lake, with a little pedestrian zone, a quiet place without cars, great to make a short walk or to chatting on a wall near the black water:

Credits: sirio174

The plastic lens, the vignetting effect, together with a black and white film made these images like magic; I obtained a pleasant dreamy effect

Credits: sirio174

I developed this film using a 1+14 dilution of Ilfosol 3, for a time of six minutes. This developer is great for low speed film like this. I made a pre-soak of one minute to remove the anti-halo layer, discharging blue/cyan water. This pre-soak is not necessary, but I wanted to preserve the purity of my stop and fix chemicals.

Credits: sirio174

Full greytones, even with a plastic lens!

Credits: sirio174

Due to the limitations of choice of aperture speed in the Diana, the photo above is slightly underexposed; however the result is still acceptable.

Credits: sirio174

The film is wrapped in a good thin paper, that wraps it tightly on the receiving spool of my Diana, without incurring in looseness that might lead to light leaks.

Credits: sirio174

The atmosphere in this little cemetery is almost surreal!

Credits: sirio174

And a cat-eye is observing my Diana camera!

Credits: sirio174

A good overall contrast of this film is great to photography the spring flowering!

Credits: sirio174

Try this film with a Lomo camera!

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Very nice photos! I like the cemetary ones, especially the angel and the one with the cat. The angel just seems to glow. I just finished my first roll of Fomapan 200 in my Holga, but haven't developed it yet.

  2. ajagee24701
    ajagee24701 ·

    Wow, brilliant photos!

  3. gndrfck
    gndrfck ·

    I develop this film (135) in D-20, and I've never seen blue/cyan water after presoak.
    This film has realy great and deep shadows and fine grain. More over, it is able to forgive big exposure mistakes.

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