PYHOF: Mother's Day Playlist


In honor of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, this week's Put Your Headphones On Friday playlist offers a list of alternative tunes the revolve around the greatest woman in our lives, our Mothers!

Credits: gnarlyleech

We can all agree that our mothers play an important role in our lives. For starters, we wouldn’t even be on this Earth if it weren’t for them! (Okay, dads deserve to get credit too, but let’s save that for next month!)

Which is why, it comes as no surprise that some artists, most especially musicians, like to take their love for their mums and express it through their art. Without going too much into the road of cheesiness and cliche, here are an alternative list of songs that do just that:

Mama Said by The Shirelles
Oh, Mother of Mine by The Temptations
Coat of Many Colours by Dolly Parton
Mother by Ashanti
Superwoman by Alicia Keys
Always on the Run by Lenny Kravitz
Ms. Jackson by OutKast
Dear Mama by 2Pac
I Love My Momma by Snoop Dogg
Hey Mama by Kanye West
Thank You Mom by Good Charlotte
Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne
Mother’s Little Helper by The Rolling Stones
Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

PYHOF: Mother's Day Playlist by PYHOF on Grooveshark

Got other songs in mind? Share them below!

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written by geegraphy on 2013-05-10 in #lifestyle

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  1. cynthiaj
    cynthiaj ·

    I'll Always Love My Momma by The Intruders

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