Daily Picks from the Sales Section: Fisheye One Eastpak Edition

Tackle the world and capture images that have a perspective as unique as you with a special edition of the world's first Fisheye camera, the Fisheye One!

The Fisheye One Eastpak Edition was the result of a collaboration between Lomography and Eastpak to celebrate the thrilling moments of life and activity. As the world’s first Fisheye camera, the Fisheye One is ready to take you on a time of our life!

Read all about the Fisheye One Eastpak Edition over at the Fisheye One microsite.

Credits: mrrotivlarbac, disdis, brownkidd, lonur, reneg88 & trw

Read user reviews about the Fisheye One over at the Reviews section.

And now, you can get your own Fisheye One Eastpak Edition at a special 10% discount* over at the Online Shop!

*discounts may vary per region.

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