Most Popular Newcomers of April 2013


The Lomography Community is best known for its hospitality and for the showering of analogue love each and every one of us receives and gives.

And with a wave of members coming every month, this analogue love just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. So with this recap, we welcome the finest batch of newcomers from April 2013. Welcome and cheers!

Credits: jesslynnathalya
Credits: hille
Credits: jazon
Credits: deafening
Credits: louda
Credits: saraess
Credits: vali
Credits: leopardeyes528
Credits: brannstrom

written by mayeemayee on 2013-05-11 in #news #april-2013-recap #most-popular-newcomers #2013-community-recap


  1. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    wow @jesslynnathalya !!!!

  2. jesslynnathalya
    jesslynnathalya ·

    thank you @mayeemayee :D
    @bebopbebop \m/

  3. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    @bebopbebop @jesslynnathalya :"

  4. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Welcome to our Community! Cheers! :) @jesslynnathalya, @hille, @jazon, @rvdyvo1985, @deafening, @louda, @saraess, @vali, @leopardeyes528, @brannstrom

  5. rvdyvo1985
    rvdyvo1985 ·

    Thank you so much for this honor... I'm nicely surprised, but really happy, to be on this list. Keep on rockin',all of you! You're an awesome community. Thanks @mayeemayee

  6. rvdyvo1985
    rvdyvo1985 ·

    Well done Lomographer! Congratulations. @jesslynnathalya, @hille, @jazon, @deafening, @louda, @saraess, @vali, @leopardeyes528, @brannstrom

  7. jazon
    jazon ·

    wou thanks :)

  8. saraess
    saraess ·

    Yay, makes me so happy!:D<3 Thank you!

  9. deafening
    deafening ·

    Wow!! Thank you! =)

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