Alma Hitchcock holding a plate of chicken and all smiles beside her husband's decapitated head inside the freezer compartment


Well, not really Alfred Hitchcock's decapitated head, but a wax likeness -- otherwise, his wife wouldn't be smiling at all.

The world remembers Alfred Hitchcock as one of the world’s best film directors in history, but perhaps not many know that he was also a notorious prankster. Telegraph shares that Hitchcock once admitted to fellow director and producer Francois Truffaut, “I do have a weakness for practical jokes and have played quite a few in my time.”

Photo via Retronaut

That said, it’s not at all difficult to imagine the horror on Mrs. Hitchcock’s face if her husband played an actual decapitated-head-in-the-freezer prank on her, don’t you agree? She would most likely be screaming a blood-curdling, Psycho -esque scream punctuated by the sound of the plate crashing down on the floor!

But wait—I haven’t told you the deal with that wax head yet. It’s actually part of the dummy made in Hitchcock’s likeness, as part of his plan to do a cameo in the rather amusing official trailer #1 of Frenzy. Watch the clip below:

All information for this article were sourced from Telegraph and IMDb.

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