Cappadocia: Hot Air Balloon Sightings with Diana F+

For our honeymoon, we went to the lovely Istanbul, Turkey, where we spent a few days in Göreme (Cappadocia), a place famous for its beautiful landscapes, dominated by the "fairychimneys".

We did not want to go so far from Hungary, but my husband and Iwanted something little exotic, so we chose Turkey for our honeymoon destination.

Istanbul is a very exciting city; somewhere between Europe and Asia, literally and culturally, as well. Since we almost had two weeks to ourselves, we thought we should go somewhere else in Turkey and Cappadocia seemed to be charming place. And it was.

I am so glad that we convinced ourselves that we should not miss the hot air balloon ride if we visited this Cappadocian town, Göreme. The organizers came to our hotel — which was a cave hotel — at dawn and took us first for a little breakfast while they were prepared.

The balloon was bigger than I thought; it was able to hold 20 people. I am scared of heights, so the first 20 minutes was so scary, I could not smile at all. But as we watched the sunrise up in the air, while about 50 balloons were up, it definitely became one of my dearest memories in my life.

The landscape is wonderful too,; they have those so called fairychimneyschimney, which are weird rockformations that make the whole area look like another planet. They say the Star Wars team used that landscape as an inspiration for some of the scenes.

We went over many valleys — the ride took a whole hour and our landing was smooth as the pilot was really great. We had some champagne and took some photos after it, then went back to the town.

We also visited the Göreme Open Air Museum, what is really great. It has many caves that used to be Christian churches and chapels and many cave homes. We also took a guided tour around the area which was lovely too. It showed us some of the nature in the area. In the summer, they are full of pistachio-trees, but unfortunately it was too early for than then.

In addition, we visited an undergrund city that was 8 floors deep, some sixty-some metres with many narrow corridors and rooms, and also a hiding place of the Christians. If you want to see some unusual please Cappadocia is definetely worth to visit. We had the best honeymoon ever!

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