This is Not a Microphone! It's the Awesome Spinner 360°!

I admit it looks a bit...not cute. But I would say it is the only one you need for 360° photos!

Because of its size, I do not usually bring it with me for outdoor shooting. But each time I take it out from my bag, strange questions were asked by my friends…

“What’s going on with the microphone?”
“What is that?”
“Is that a camera with a tripod? Looks weird!”

When I pull the ripcord to shoot, the camera itself turns around within a second. At this moment, those questions from my friends turn into exclamation! Now I know they are in love with my toy! Yeah!

You need it when you travel with your family:

Credits: ccchiiii

You also need it when you hangout with friends:

Credits: ccchiiii

You definitely need it when you are with your beloved:

Credits: ccchiiii

Sometimes the pictures make me look funny!

Credits: ccchiiii

I would say Spinner is indeed a humorous camera! If you like a vintage-yellow tone, fit it with Lomography X-pro 200 .

Having watched this amazing article written by other Lomographers,
I made a similar one, haha!

Go beyond the confines of standard panoramic landscapes and capture everything around you in one 360° photo with the Spinner 360° ! Available in the Lomography Store, shop it now!

written by ccchiiii on 2013-05-05 in #reviews #analogue-photography #35mm-films #family #friends #analogue-cameras #spinner #spinner-360
translated by venuslam

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