Taking Back Tipsters: Build a Pinhole Camera

Haven't prepared a special camera for World Pinhole Day tomorrow? We come to your rescue with some helpful tips on how to make a pinhole camera for the occasion, whatever material you may have ready with you!

If you’ve been hanging around in the Tipster section lately, you must have seen some great tipsters telling you how you can craft your own pinhole camera especially for World Pinhole Day tomorrow. Looking for more pinhole camera making tips for good measure? We bring you a handful more of these to help you determine which one you think you can best follow. So, go make your own pinhole shooter while there’s still time!

DIY: Make a Pinhole Camera Out of a Matchbox written and translated by bbthom

Haven’t tried making your own pinhole camera before? A matchbox pinhole camera has got to be the easiest and most basic that you can build, making the tipster above by bbthom the best choice for first-time pinhole camera makers.

Credits: lostlittlekid

Pinhole Rocket: Making a Film Box Panoramic Pinhole Camera by lostlittlekid

Yes, you’re reading it right — you can make a pinhole equivalent of the Sprocket Rocket! If you’re heading out to the streets or somewhere scenic for your pinhole escapade the so-callled Pinhole Rocket may be your DIY camera of choice! Lomographer lostlittlekid has some pretty impressive photos from the tipster above, so go ahead and check it out!

How To Make a 6 Month Pinhole Camera By Justin Quinnell

Do you want to take your pinhole project to the next level? The tipster above featuring a video tutorial by Pinhole guru Justin Quinnell may just be the right one for you! So, go ahead and head over to the link to find out how you can make a pinhole camera that will let you take a 6-month exposure!

Credits: francescco

How to turn almost anything into a Pinhole Camera by francescco

While not published in the Tipster Section, the article above by francescco is rich with pinhole-building wisdom that you should not miss! It covers the essentials of pinhole cameras, vital knowledge that will let you build your own from virtually anything!

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