Elton John sitting on the ground and showing off his star on the Walk of Fame

Ladies and gentlemen, marvel at the sight of starry starry Elton John showing off his very own spot on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Photo via Retronaut

Famed singer-songwriter Elton John was definitely dressed appropriately for the occasion when he was invited for the unveiling of his very own space on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, don’t you think? On that fateful day in October 1975, shrieks, screams, and calls welcomed the British music superstar as he was taken towards the spot where his star was waiting to be awarded in his honor. Aside from the stellar photo above, we bring you a footage to take you back on that day in history:

✘ Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0BdeuIgsQMM

Oh, and what’s even more special with this photo? Yep, the sprockets showing the film used: Kodak Tri-X Pan Film, a high-speed panchromatic film that used to be the go-to film of photojournalists and amateurs alike.

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