SoLocations: Solo Walk at St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery


I'm a creature of habit. Whenever I get my hands on a new camera or new films that I have yet to try, there is a particular location where I do my lone photo walks and test all my new finds/purchases! Keep reading to read about my favourite place to shoot.

Credits: amytam

As a full time worker who works nine to five, it is often difficult to get my analogue photo fix during the week. But whenever I have acquire something new, my fascination explodes and I need to get my dose of Lomography! What’s a better way than going on a quick solo photo walk before work!

Sprocket Rocket x Lomography XPRO Chrome

I drive pass the St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery on my way to work everyday, and I’ve always been curious about this old cemetery, where giant white crosses line the outside. One day, I finally decided to stop and take a look and I’m so glad that I did!

Belair x Lomography Redscale XR

This small catholic cemetery, although open to the public, is relatively quiet and peaceful and I’m usually the only one there. There are a few small steps that leads to a cracked pathway, lined with tombstones. The older headstones are more ornate and has a bigger variety in style and size. The newer stones are all the same and they are neatly arranged in rows.

Lubitel 166 x Lomography Redscale 100

Unlike some graveyards, the St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery is clean and litter-free. Regular maintenance work keeps the majority of the headstones and statues well-kept and it’s a safe location to go for solo lomowalks. There are several pretty flowering plants scattered in the cemetery and it injects a dose of colour and vitality.

Pentax Auto 110 x Kodak Ultra

This cemetery is one of my most visited locations. I come here to try my latest camera purchases, test films or just simply satisfying my photography cravings. I find that the mood of the cemetery changes when I use different cameras and films, hence I come here time and time again to shoot.

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    I really love your redtone shots!!

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