Angelina Jolie Seductively Posing With A Hasselblad And A Large Format Bellow Camera


Looks like Angelina got some shooting tips from her actor/filmmaker/photographer husband Brad Pitt—not that she really needed them. See the sultry Jolie hamming it up with Hasselblad, Canon, and even large format bellow cameras in her shoot for Marie Claire magazine!

Photo by Alexei Hay via Shooting Film

Remember Brad Pitt’s black & white portraits of Angelina Jolie and family? The beautiful monochrome images must have inspired the soon-to-be mother of 7 to pick up her own camera as seen in this editorial feature for Marie Claire magazine’s January 2012 issue. The set was photographed by Alexei Hay and shows Jolie posing with several cameras, such as a Hasselblad and a Canon. Can you identify the large format bellow camera?

Photos by Alexei Hay via Shooting Film

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  1. marymary23
    marymary23 ·

    Jolie is a filmmaker. And a talented one. Watch the film she directed "In the land of Blood and Honey". Hard film to watch but brilliant.

  2. poliwog
    poliwog ·

    Looks like a Sinar F2, 8x10.

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