Cory Llewellyn of Transistor Six Talks with Lomography NYC

Cory Llewellyn, founder of Transistor Six, and huge fan of all things analog, let us pick his brain a bit. Here he discuses his love for photography and music, and he tells us a bit about the Transistor Six website. Transistor Six is an incredible site filled with unique music sessions and incredible photography. We definitely suggest you check it out!

Tell the Lomography community a little bit about yourself.


Well first let me say, I have always loved film photography and am so happy folks like Lomography are around! I have worked in the music industry for over 16 years. I used to run the digital side of marketing for companies like Sony Music, Epic Records, Island Records / Def Jam and PolyGram. When I started it was called New Technology, which evolved into New Media and then Online Marketing & Digital Promotion. I’ve managed the online side of things at the label level for artists like Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, Modest Mouse, Tori Amos, AC/DC, Jennifer Lopez, Band of Skulls, Oasis, Portishead, Rage Against The Machine as well as the greatest and best band in the world Tenacious D. I love technology but my heart is all analog. I have a great amount of vinyl, Lomo cameras and Super 8 film cameras as well as a Telecine machine to transfer all the Super 8. It’s a labour of love.

A year ago I started a site called Transistor Six which is more of a Music, Film, and Photo project then a sessions site. Everyone does sessions and I wanted to do film so I started brushing up on my photography skills learning double exposure techniques from my friend Cameron. I started just shooting texture rolls when I traveled so my memories would be two fold. I recently went to Germany working on a project for Tori Amos and shot a bunch of texture rolls with 3 different LC-A+ cameras I brought along. I recently just re-shot some of those texture rolls with three different bands, Psychic Friend who is Will Schwartz from Imperial Teen and T.Hardy Morris from Dead Confederate and Alex Church Brown from Seawolf. When I look at these photos they have extra meaning for me as if I traveled to Berlin with these bands.

Tell us more about Transistor Six and some of the awesome bands you are currently working with.

We have been shooting quite a variety of bands in the last year. We had Craig Finn from the Hold Steady and Will Johnson from Monsters of Folk one night around Christmas which was amazing. These were straight up Super 8 films on stage and Lomography photo shoots right after their performances. We started pulling off some really great triple exposures and started using more and more stranger textures. The shoot with Band of Skulls was a texture roll shot in a pool during the fall where you can see the leaves on the bottom and the light moving in the water. We just finished shooting our first 3D film with the Black Angels last week who are headlining Psych Fest in Austin this month.

Upcoming features include Kelley Deal from the Breeders who has a new band called R-Ring. We also have upcoming features with Sea and Cake, Seawolf, and Butch Walker.

What is your personal relationship with Lomography and photography in general?

I pretty much gave up digital shooting over the last year and have been experimenting with different things like the Splitzer and Wide Angle. I have just about every camera Lomography has made. Some might say I have a bit of obsession. I also shoot my own personal photos as well outside of Transistor Six. My two boys, who are 5 and 7, have come to learn how film gets loaded and have stopped looking at the back of my camera to see if there is an image there.

Do you have a favorite camera or film?

I love the LC-A + , I love it so much I have 4 of them. I also just got the Belair and Spinner 360 which I really love. Also I never go to a photo shoot without my Diana F+ with Close up lens and Ring Flash for great portraits! I’ve also been using the Lomokino in a bunch of our Transistor Six films. It creates a really great dream like effect.

What is up next for Transistor Six!?

We are working on a few things to change it up a little. We are doing more concept based films and are going to start covering other kinds of analog artists as well, like world renowned silk screen poster artists & art wall painters. I’ve also been shooting some Stereophonic photos by taping two LC-A+’s with Russian Lenses together. Check out the one of Seawolf’s Alex Brown Church. Looking to also test some things out with doubles on my Horizon Perfekt . The next thing up is a Transistor Six feature with one of my favorite bands Black Rebel Motorcycle Club this month.

Thanks to Cory for giving us a little tour of his brain! Definitely take a look at all the cool images and music Transistor Six has to offer!

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