Albert Einstein Smiling and Posing for a Candid Photo with Native Americans During a Visit to Hopi House in Arizona


Who says scientists are too serious and uptight? Well, at least, the brilliant Albert Einstein knows how to have fun and enjoy his vacation!

Photo via Retronaut

German-born scientist Albert Einstein moved to Princeton in New Jersey in 1933 and gained US citizenship seven years later, but he also took a couple of trips to the United States some years prior to his emigration. Between December 1930 and March 1931, Einstein had his second US trip in order to visit the California Institute of Technology, one of the academic institutions that were inviting him to join their staff.

During this trip, Einstein and his wife had a stop over at Hopi House in northern Arizona, at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Researchers have observed that the photo above, taken during this visit, had a couple of striking things worth mentioning: 1. the headdress worn by Professor Einstein and the pipe he was made to hold had no relationship with the Hopi tribe, but in fact belonged to the Plains Indians; and 2. the scientist was holding the hand of a young Hopi girl in a very natural manner, which suggested his affinity for children. This good rapport with children was also later on seen in other unofficial photos.

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  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    that's a rare find!

  2. holgardo
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    To be honest, I find this kind of photography a little insulting.

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