Brigitte Bardot Holding An Issue of LIFE Magazine While Looking At A Processed Slide

Is there anything sexier than a French girl in, on, and with film?

Photo via LIFE

The original “sex kitten” of the 60’s, French actress Brigitte Bardot won men and women the world over with her tousled bed hair, big doe eyes, and dangerous curves. With films like And God Created Woman, Le Mépris, and Viva Maria!, Bardot was the ultimate sultry and seductive blonde bombshell.

Photos via LIFE

In the above black and white photos by LIFE, she is behind-the-scenes of the 1959 movie The Lady and the Puppet with an issue of LIFE magazine (yes, the original publication from where we found these very images!) whilst holding up a processed slide frame to the light. How meta is that?

Not since the Statue of Liberty has a French girl lit such fires in America, and Brigitte Bardot does not just stand there like a statue. She moves, she wriggles, and her clothes are as often off as on. One of her films, And God Created Woman, has played for eight solid months in one New York theater and raked in some $2 million in the U.S. and, with her four other current films, has jammed art theaters until people complain they are clogging up culture. What Bardot has — which is more than sex — still mystifies many who stop to think about it … Meanwhile, the Bardot boom balloons. With four new films to open before years’ end, she’s finishing a fifth, The Lady and the Puppet [La Femme et le Pantin, translated as “A Woman Like Satan” for the English-speaking world], made in Spain where these pictures were taken. (LIFE)

Photo via LIFE

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