Chinon Genesis II: SLR Versatility, Point and Shoot Simplicity


The Chinon Genesis II SLR May look like a blocky, plasticky hunk o' junk, but if you want to shoot SLR style without worrying about the technicalities, this camera may be perfect for you! Find out more after the jump!

The Chinon Genesis II is a 35mm “Bridge Camera,” named such because it “bridged” the gap between a point-and-shoot camera and a traditional Single-Lens-Reflex Camera.

The Genesis has an unashamedly plasticky feeling, yet solidly constructed. However, I wouldn’t rely on it surviving any sort of high fall. In addition to being solidly constructed, the feature set built into this camera is quite impressive. Included features are Multiple Exposure mode (up to 3 in a row), continuous frame shooting of around 1 fps, built in self-timer, and backlight compensation.

The lens of the Chinon is a built-in zoom lens with a range from 35mm at the wide end to 80mm at the telephoto end, and at the telephoto end it can go into a macro mode, allowing modest close up portraits more than true macro results. The lens is made up of 8 glass elements in 7 groups, and has an aperture range from f:4.1 to f:6.4 (not selectable by the photographer)

The viewfinder is, like any other SLR, a through-the-lens view. This is good for a few select reasons:

  • Zero parallax error
  • Accurate framing when zoomed in, or doing macro
  • Knowledge of wheter or not you have your subject in focus

The Chinon’s autoexposure system is based on DX Encoding, which has been standard on most film canisters since around the 80s. If you’re like me and many other adventurous lomographers out there, and shoot film from the ages before the time of DX coding, the camera defaults to around 100 ISO, so keep this in mind. This comes in handy however when doing homemade redscale, requiring you to simple put the film into a canister with a lower DX value (example being 400 ISO film in a 200 ISO canister.

The combination of a well-specified zoom lens with a moderate aperture allows for fantastic results when shooting anything from landscapes at the wide end, to portraits and maybe even the occasional macro.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the photos yourself!

So in conclusion, if you want the convenience and automation of a point and shoot camera, combined with the precision and handling of a SLR camera, the Chinon Genesis Line of cameras may be what you are looking for!

Thanks for reading!

Long live film, long live LOMO!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Funky :)

  2. npcoley
    npcoley ·

    I have wanted one of these for quite some time, but have yet to come across one in person.

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