A Boy Holding a Camera That's Almost as Big as Himself


We have the hots for funny vintage photos of people enjoying their cameras. This one has been on our list for a while now. But what kind of camera is the boy holding in his hands? Maybe you can help us out. See the photo in its original size after the jump!

While the whole apparatus is almost as big as he himself, the little boy pictured here seems to have things completely under control and is just working on the composure of his shot. We are kind of at a loss when it comes to identifying the camera pictured, Maybe you can help us out in the comments section below?

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  1. diomaxwelle
    diomaxwelle ·

    All I know is that its a graflex speed graphic of some kind (on the front plate, it says so, but I've seen them make rounds on Etsy). https://www.etsy.com/listing/126702858/graflex-speed-graphi…
    I totally want one, but they are...a bit outside my price rage at the moment. XD

  2. axxis262
    axxis262 ·

    yeah, it's a graflex, i love this thing, but i don't have one

  3. adamhunt
    adamhunt ·

    It's a Graphlex Anniversary Speed Graphic (4x5 version). I own the exact same camera in 3.25x4.25. They were made from 1940 to 1946.

    More info here: www.graflex.org/speed-graphic/graphic-models.html

  4. bear_feet
    bear_feet ·

    I have the same camera! Adam is right - the tell-tale is the supports for the front plate. You can just see it slightly behind the the bed drop's hinges. You don't just use it as the boy is in the photo. It can also be used like a large format camera with the focusing panel in the back.

  5. bear_feet
    bear_feet ·

    Urg! I mean the tell-tale is the design on the supports for the front plate.

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