My Analogue Days: The Passion Never Stops!

I love film. In fact, I love analog photography and some other vintage stuff, but 99% of my love goes to my little camera babies! Each day, I spend time on analog photography between cameras, films, and developing. Come take a look!

To start a day in the best analog way, what’s better than a tasty moka coffee?

Are you up? Okay, it’s time to start the day! I usually grab some rolls of film and my camera to hang out to get a walk around.

I like to stay out and look at things that grabs my attention. Maybe the local market or a shop window with interesting stuff, i also like to walk and watch out for new spots or catchy situations for some street photography.

Hey, it’s time to cook something!

I love cooking pancakes! I love them so much that i developed my own secret recipe!

Now that i’m charged like a battery, I can get my work done. When I shoot a lot, I develop rolls day by day, passing hours in my little sweet bathroom-darkroom!

ONE IMPORTANT THING when you self-develop your film rolls:


The day goes on, so I usually meet up with friends to drink something together.

In fact, what’s the best way to end up a good analog day, if not drinking an always good analog beer?

Too much alchol? Anti-gravity beer? Analog magic!


written by yayoboy on 2013-03-27 in #lifestyle

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