Taking Back Tipsters: More Diana F+ Tips

Fancy trying a new trick or two with your Diana F+? We come to your rescue with an installment of Taking Back Tipsters, bringing you more tipsters from your fellow lomographers. Come, take a look; you might find just the tip or trick you've been looking for!

It’s been a while since we first had a retrospective look at some Diana F+ tips, so now, we bring you more tricks to help you shoot better and get more awesome snaps with the ever classy medium format beauty.

Photo by adam_g2000

Basics Applied: The Diana F+ by adam_g2000

Whether you’ve just gotten your lovely Diana F+ or you’ve been shooting with it for quite a while, we believe the basic tips by adam_g2000 are worth checking out. It is, indeed, a primer for every lomographer who owns or wants to own and shoot with the classic medium format shooter. So, if you think you need a Diana F+ refresher or crash course, check out the tipster above!

Photos by charliewagers

Underwater Photos with Diana F+ by charliewagers

Ever wanted to shoot underwater with your Diana F+? Well, you can always try, says charliewagers — all you need is a plastic bag, some rubber bands, and a bit of duct tape, just to be sure. Head over to his full tipster above to find out how it’s done, and take a look at some of the sample shots!

Credits: raejk14

Quick Tips for Using the 35mm Back+ with the Diana F+ by raejk14

Who says you can’t shoot 35mm film with your Diana F+? Even if it’s designed to take medium format film, with the Diana+ 35mm Back, you can shoot all types of 35mm films. But, as it could take some getting used to, lomographer raejk14 has some useful quick tips to help you familiarize yourself and get nice shots after just a few tries.

Photo by awfullysasha

When the Diana F+ Flash Doesn't Dazzle, Fix It! by awfullysasha

Has your Diana F+ Flash suddenly stopped working? Wait, don’t banish it into the attic or basement storage! Try the quick and handy tip by awfullysasha above, it might just need a little bit of help to get it back to working order!

Photo by exotrisc

The Light Leak Game with Diana F+ by exotrisc

Light leaks are often a tricky technique — it can mess up your shot (or a whole roll, at the worst), or, it can lend a pleasantly surprising effect on your photos! Lomographer exotrisc, however, has found a way to let you play around with light leaks using your Diana F+!

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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