Polaroid / Instax / Mini Instax? Which One do You Prefer?

Do you love taking instant photos? Here is a guide to the best known instant photo systems, so you can choose your favorite instant format.

Polaroid has always been my favorite film for its square photos and for its immediacy. It’s really great to observe the colors appearing little by little, and in that way keeping the excitement of the analogical process.

After the disappearance of the Polaroid film and realizing how hard it was to get the film nowadays, I decided to search for alternatives. And it was then that I discovered Fuji Instax. Fuji Instax film hadn’t caught my eye before, but with the possibility of getting the LC-A+ Instant Back at the international Lomo shop, I had a new option. So I made the order.

My first impression was that Fuji film was really small! I was so used to using Polaroid square film, that at first I was a little disappointed. But gradually it became my favorite film, since it fit perfectly well in my wallet, in spite of its rectangular format.

Comparing my photos with the ones taken with the LC-A+ Instant Back and the ones with a Fuji instant camera, I realized that the main difference was the amount of vignetting and contrast. Here below you can find the first photo taken with my LC-A+ and the second photo (taken by Iaki at my farewell party) with the Fuji Intax 7S… Thanks Iaki!

I haven’t had the chance to own a Fuji Instax 200 Wide Camera, but I had taken some touristic photos that can be a good example. (That’s me with a snake!)

Finally, as a freebie, I add a small old Mini Polaroid photo, just 3 cm shots!

Which instant format suits you best? I would choose all of them!

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