Alexander Graham Bell & Wife Mabel Kissing Within A Tetrahedral Kite

This geeky snog may have left the man who invented the telephone feeling high as a kite.

Photo via NatGeo Found

Engineer and inventor Alexander Graham Bell pioneered optical telecommunications and was also very fascinated with flying. In a photo dated 1903, Bell is seen giving his wife Mabel a smooch while they were both inside the geometric gizmo called the tetrahedral kite.

“While working on the telephone, Bell mentioned [to Watson] that their next project would be a flying machine. On his honeymoon, he told his wife Mabel that he dreamed of flying machines with telephones attached,” writes Carnetdevol. “Like the Wrights and other aviation pioneers, Bell chose to test light, wind-supported kite and glider designs before attempting risky human-powered flight trials.”

The first controlled flight, manned by Wilbur and Orville Wright, made aeronautic history later that same year.

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