My Analogue Days: Taking time out to learn what not to do with the Olympus Trip 35


Sometimes you really have to spend some time to experiment with your analogue camera to learn what its limits are. Here’s what I learned about the Olympus Trip 35.

Every camera has its strengths and weaknesses. The Olympus Trip 35 is no exception. While devoted fans attest to this little camera’s versatility, it still has some limitations.

I like the look of redscaled photos that have more blue green hues. The Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 is one of my favorite Lomo films, which can produce the colors that I like. However, I also enjoy making my own redscale films.

During a Lomo walk last year, I used my Olympus Trip 35 with a roll of homemade redscaled film. It was a hot and bright day. As I wanted a lighter look to my photos I rated the film at ISO 25 thinking that the photos will be overexposed and will produce light orange-red colors. But they didn’t. It came out rather dark for my liking.

I have read other Olympus Trip 35 users’ experiments with a normal roll of film but I could not see the difference. Curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know how redscaled photos will turn out if I overrode the camera’s automatic exposure settings. So on one sunny day I did a simple test. I shot another roll of DIY redscaled film at the various ISO speeds and F-stops just to see what the results would look like.

Here are the results of my simple test:

Shot at ISO 25 F2.8

Shot at ISO 25 F5.6

Shot at ISO 25 F8

Shot at ISO 25 F11

Shot at ISO 50 F2.8

Shot at ISO 50 F5.6

Shot at ISO 50 F8

Shot at ISO 50 F11

Shot at ISO 100 F2.8

Shot at ISO 100 F5.6

Shot at ISO 100 F8

Shot at ISO 100 F11

For me this was a disappointing experiment as the results were not what I had hoped for. I can’t see much difference at all! I suspect the camera by default used the film’s ISO 200 speed and exposed accordingly. While the photos did not turn out as expected, I learned a new thing about the camera.

What did you learn about your Olympus Trip 35?

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    interesting experiment and unpredicatable results...^..^

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    you must bear in mind that the Trip 35 switch between two velocity when in Auto, 1/40 and 1/200 and a fixed 1/40 when in Manual. according to this you must use the camera in manual with largest apertures (f2,8) and high iso films (400) to obtain the effect you need.

  3. wesco
    wesco ·

    By making a home-made redscale film you are reducing the sensitivity of the film by something like 2 - 3 stops. So a film that was initially 100 iso, will be a 12 - 25 iso redscale film by turning it around yourself.
    So when you used iso 100 film, probably all your redscale photos were a little or a lot underexposed. Best to use 400 or 800 iso film for DIY redscale.

  4. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    add to my previous message: changing iso setting in manual mode had no effect on the exposure becouse it's fixed to 1/40

  5. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @wuxiong: yes, was an interesting experiment for me.

  6. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @superlighter: Funny thing was that I really thought that the camera will produce lighter colors when set at ISO25. oh well.

  7. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @wesco: Thanks for the tip/reminder. I have a bunch of DIYed Kodak 400 film, which I love shooting at ISO25. Was just trying my luck with this roll of film. Lesson learnt I suppose. :)

  8. shesayshi
    shesayshi ·

    I use an Olympus Trip 35 too and I have recently shot a DIY redscale roll (…) with hues closer to sepia. I think you can achieve the results you want by redscaling an ISO 100 film. This article explains it well:… :)

  9. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @shesayshi: Thanks. I saw your album. They are very nice. Do you remember the settings and conditions when you shot the series of photos? ie, the ISO settings and weather conditions?

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