Crossing the Tongariro Crossing


A trip through Tongariro National Park is a great adventure to take on! And the beautiful views you’ll see are definitely worth it!

When I think back on my trip to New Zealand, I would say that this would be the most memorable experience there. My friend and I did a hike through the Tongariro mountains. The mountains lie in the Tongariro National Park, a world-renowned place to visit. You can see the whole thing in just a day; the hike is only 19.4 km long.

When you go, I can recommend sleeping in a hostel near the Park as there are buses that come by in the morning to pick you up, and bring you back. Just ask the hostel owner to call the service. But if you want, you can drive there yourself.

Credits: lieze

The start of the hike is this dusty scenery — you can stray from the path and see a little waterfall. After taking the Devil’s staircase (don’t let its name discourage you!), you will have to go true some kind of desert that would make you feel like you’re the only person there. At that point, you have a great view of Mount Ngauruhoe, or Mount Doom in the Lord of the Ring movies!

Credits: lieze

It’s time to get up and over the mountain! At the highest point, you will immediately see the Blue Lake. It may smell a bit, but it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Minerals leeched from the surrounding rock is the cause of the color of the Lakes. The steam vents above the lake are responsible for the smell that stinks of eggs gone bad.

Credits: lieze

The last part of the trip couldn’t be more different from the beginning. It has this lush vegetation, and the track leads you over some amazing streams. When you get at the end you’ll be tired, but completely fulfilled.

Credits: lieze

An advice I want to give is that you have to pick the right time to go. We took this hike April, when we still had sunny weather. On top it’s a little colder, but a sweater will do. Or you can take the trip in the winter for a totally different feel!

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  1. linnykins
    linnykins ·

    Cool article and I like your photos!! I recently climbed Mount Ngauruhoe. And found it very challenging for a newbie like me. Awesome effort on Tongariro :) :) :)

  2. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    What a contrast between the two areas. Thanks for the article - hope to get to NZ someday soon.

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