Shoot Nature in Urbanscape : Sky and Clouds in Bandung, Indonesia


"Look out on the horizon, see the sadness, the pain and the sorrow" The Mighty-Mighty Bosstones - Royal Oil

Honestly I haven’t been travelling much for the past two years, so I’ll try to share shooting nature in urbanscape.

Credits: hervinsyah

As an Indonesian, our parents always told us to “look down” (it means being humble and sharing our little money/food/anything to the poor people who live below our standard of life) for thanks for what God has given, but Deniek G Sukarya (just google him) said “Don’t just look down, but always look up to the sky.”

Credits: hervinsyah

Go to the wide view of place such as an irport.

Credits: hervinsyah

Searching for some shape/form from the landscape or from yourself as an interesting background for your sky/cloud photo.

My favorite time to shoot the sky is in the afternoon.

Credits: hervinsyah

But sometimes they’re good at noon too.

Also in the morning. They’re always good for sky/cloud lovers like me =)

Credits: hervinsyah

Or if you’re not in mood to go outside just climb your rooftop place =)

Credits: hervinsyah

Yes, we’re talking about nature now, but come on, forget the rule is the last rule =) add the artificial one with the MX button at your sky/cloud photo.

Credits: hervinsyah

Always put your camera in your hand, don’t ever put it inside your bag because you’ll lose a lot of beautiful sky/clouds just like I did.

Credits: hervinsyah

The sky/cloud never let you down, shoot it at every form, such as using D.I.Y./redscale film.

Credits: hervinsyah

Using black and white film too.

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  1. weerez79
    weerez79 ·

    like the 1,2, and the 7th picture bro..and a bosstones fan too =)

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @weerez79 : Thanks, yeah, they're my fave band when ska hit Indonesia in late 90's =)

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