Top Photo Likers of February 2013


The like craze continues as we give you a recap of the Lomography Community top photo likers!

The numbers are insane but we love it! Thank you and congratulations to all of you! Until next month!

rik041 (52,349 likes)
simonesavo (33,288 likes)
mariskaviska (31,394 likes)
whynotwinnipeg (23,550 likes)
atria007 (19,432 likes)
alexyz (17,763 likes)
mafiosa (13,308 likes)
weleasewoger72 (11,610 likes)
maria_vlachou (11,286 likes)
tsingtao (10,115 likes)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-03-02 in #news #february-2013-recap #top-photo-likers #2013-community-recap

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