Blast from the Past: Singapore's Top Articles for December 2012

Three, two, one! Happy New Years! We’ve managed to whiz through a whole year of Lomography Singapore’s analogue antics! How did the year end? I guess you’ll have to read on to find out!

Credits: renaishashin

Have you been good the entire year? And have you been snapping away with your Lomography camera and film?

Or have you moved on to the dark side where the digital loyalists roam?

No? Thank goodness – you’re sure not getting a lump of coal this winter!

Credits: renaishashin

But who am I to judge whether you’ve been naughty or nice? Let Lady Justice decide if you’ve been Naughty or Nice: How I Cheated to Rescue My ‘Bad’ Black & White Photos.

Credits: trw

And maybe you were one of the lucky ones who got to hop on a jet plane off to a tropical paradise.I hope you brought your Lomography cameras with you! Perhaps a Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter? Take some tips on Setting Off With Your Belair: Traveling Tips and read all about the ins and outs of this little rascal! Singapore Belair Tester Review: My First Few Rolls Shot on the Belair X 6-12!.

Wanna join in on the Lomography Singapore Community fun? Submit your own article or share your photos of Singapore with us – be sure to tag them with “Singapore” so they’ll be alongside other posts from the Singapore Community!

The Future is Analogue

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