Most Popular Newcomers of February 2013


We cannot deny that our Lomography Community is a good breeding ground for analogue photographers who are starting it young.

And hey, in which way can one learn photography best but by film photography? In the meantime, let these LomoHomes have fun under the analogue sun! Cheers to all popular newcomers for February 2013!

Credits: gabrieldietrich
Credits: lomoseb32
Credits: kellrangell
Credits: vlad1611
Credits: maryesclamado
Credits: ezo_o
Credits: tpuddi

written by mayeemayee on 2013-03-02 in #news #february-2013-recap #most-popular-newcomers #2013-community-recap


  1. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Congratulations and welcome to the Community! :) @gabrieldietrich, @insaneanomalie, @lomoseb32, @kellrangell, @vlad1611, @maryesclamado, @omeuolharnaopara, @ezo_o, @tpuddi, @arrapaho

  2. gabrieldietrich
    gabrieldietrich ·

    Thank you veeery much @mayeemayee !! And congratulations to @insaneanomalie, @lomoseb32, @kellrangell, @vlad1611, @maryesclamado, @omeuolharnaopara, @ezo_o, @tpuddi, @arrapaho =D

  3. vlad1611
    vlad1611 ·

    thank you! it is so unexpectedly for me!)))

  4. kellrangell
    kellrangell ·

    Thank you very much!!! I loved this... <3

  5. tpuddi
    tpuddi ·

    Thanks a lot. I never expected this. And special thanks to my friend @landei who supported me in taking part in this community.

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