Scan My Own Photos With Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner


Lomography has scored an another first as we all know and has given us the possibility of film scanning at the comfort of our home with a device which does not exceed the size of the palm! Between you and me, I overspend for film processing and scanning costs.

I was scared about all those parts of the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner but also it is a simple tool to use. Especially, when you will be used to scan some photos, you can stick with it. The application has not been available to download yet, so I did not expect to to receive high-quality results but the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner surprised me. There is no difference between the professional machines’ scanned photographs when I was sitting on my couch.

After setting and running the device, I started to put one of the developed “Lomography CN100” negatives into the reservoir. I took photos that Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner brightened because the application has not been available to download yet. There is a negative effect in almost all smartphones. Here, I used this effect to return their normal colors, and the results were close to perfection. All I had to do was to cut the squares around the whiteness with photoshop program. You cannot see the film holes on the professional scanners but it is possible to achieve this effect with Smartphone Film Scanner. However, I love film holes so I chose not to cut them (but you can cut them), it is your choice. This process is extremely simple and not taking a lot of time is also very enjoyable. Generally speaking, we can get rid of the scanning expenses. Considering that one of the golden rules is being fast, this device will be fit for Lomography and also Lomographyer!

Below you can find professional machine scanned photographs, and scanned photographs with the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. The first are home-made, the second are professional :)

Credits: ruyatuna

written by ruyatuna on 2013-03-08 in #reviews #filmscanner #lomography-smartphone-film-scanner #scanner
translated by kablelvuku


  1. sebavi
    sebavi ·

    What phone did you use? i used an iphone 4 AND Iphone 5 and my results were not even near this..
    here's a picture of what i got

  2. ruyatuna
    ruyatuna ·

    @sebavi i used lg optimus 3d. You can try different cam applications for better results maybe it'll help your results are also good by the way:)

  3. grainandcolour
    grainandcolour ·

    This is awesome! I made a DIY scanner that produces similar results although I wanna get my hands on a lomography smartphone scanner. Idk but my photos all have a mild blue-ish tint, similar to the ones you got. Not sure if it's just the iPhone tho. But this is great! I spend too much on film processing and developing too. Trying to look for ways that's easier on the pocket. >_<

  4. ruyatuna
    ruyatuna ·

    @grainandcolour thanks:) yesterday i tried the scanner with my friends phobe she has a samsung galaxy s3 and the results were perfect, the colors were vibrant and amazing. Now i'm looking for a better photoshop app. I think your results depends on the quality of your program:)

  5. grainandcolour
    grainandcolour ·

    @ruyatuna I think it might also have something to do with the camera used to "scan" the negatives with. Either way, I reckon a good photo-editing app would remedy any colour issues. I use Snapseed on my iPhone, but I generally prefer importing them in my laptop and colour-correcting in Lightroom. Thanks for sharing your experience with a DIY scanner! Always glad to get tips from experienced lomographers. :)

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