Perfect Combination: Pentax P30t and Ilford HP5+ / Neopan 400

Even if you have a ton of cameras and films to experiment with, we all have a perfect combo of camera/film to love. Here's mine!

The Pentax P30t is my favourite camera. I started shooting film with it many years ago and it still makes me feel excited.

It has a wonderful sound when the shutter opens, the exposimeter is a little wider then spot, really accurate, the winding lever lets film advance in a simple and fast movement. This camera, with my beloved 50mm f2 lens, looks like a 60s fotoreporter camera!

Actually my black & white film of choice is Ilford HP5+ because it’s 400 ISO. So, with this ISO speed, it’s perfectly flexible for any situation, from bright sun (matches perfectly with the Sunny 16 rule) to dark street lights.

Here some photos i took with some Ilford HP5+

Recently, I came up with a deal, some Neopan 400 films at a really good price ,so I grabbed some and made a test. I really had no idea how this would came out because early I shot a 120 roll and got some terrible shots. Well, I made some test shooting indoors and some night shots and WOW!

Here are the Neopan 400 shots

Here is my perfect combination, what have I to add? Look at the images and leave a comment if you appreciate it!

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