City Park

"Parque da Cidade" or City Park, it's a park located in the Boavista area

“Parque da Cidade” or City Park, it’s a park located in the Boavista area
in the city of Porto. This park gives you unique views around the year, but
for me it offers it’s best in the spring! Beautiful flowers, trees and full
ponds full of life! I must warn the lomographers about the very fearce ducks, they attack every lens in the distance of 2m! You can also find a different area every time you go there, you can’t get bored! Alone or with the company of friends it is a very good place to spend an afternoon! It even has an area just close to the sea!


written by mrrotivlarbac on 2008-04-27 in #world #locations #park #culture #nature

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