Newcomer of the Week: Locidux


It is normal for us to find treasure under junk. But for this man, it was not only treasure that he found but a whole lot of analogue lovin'!

For indeed, one thing leads to another — and that’s what happened with this guy from Spain. From finding an old film camera to joining our Community, let’s know more about locidux Lomographic story as he is this week’s featured newcomer!

Credits: locidux

Name: Locidux
Lomography Home:
Location: La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
Current film cameras: Konica C35 EL, Smena 8M, Olympus OM-1n DM, Braun SR 2000 PK, Kodak Brownie Flash, Kodak Brownie Six-20, Canon Canonet QL 19, Kodak Folding Brownie nº 2, Olympus Pen EE-2, and an Olympus Mju-II Zoom 80

How did you find out about the Community and who/what convinced you to join?

It was by pure chance. Recently, while arranging junk in the garage, I found an old Konica C35 EL that belonged to my wife as a child. It caught my attention and made me want to revive it! I had it fixed, cleaned, and tried it. And while looking information about this camera online, I came across the website of the Lomographic Society and, well… One thing led to another and here I am, absolutely thrilled with analog cameras.

Credits: locidux

Is there anyone in the Lomographic Society you look up to? If yes, who is him/her and why?

Virtually all Lomographers! I am a newcomer to this world and the wonders of the Lomographs here simply amazes me. Images are spontaneous, fresh, sassy, and that is where its strength lies. And these features have not managed to find them in images taken by digital cameras. Anyway, an example of Lomographs I love are from pasty. She’s a Taiwanese Lomographer whose images embody the qualities mentioned above. I especially like the strong backlighting dyed colors.

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

Get as close as possible to your Lomographic desire objects. I’m very curious by nature and I like to get to know everything. This rule fits perfectly with how I understand life in general and photography in particular.

In this digital age, why still film?

Well, as I said, film conveys a feeling I have not felt in digital. But mostly for me, it’s because I have experienced the analog era, the nostalgic component heavy. There is also one thing that seems silly and maybe it’s the smell of analog cameras and films. See, an e-book is like comparing a traditional paper book. The first thing you do is open it and it smells, mmm! I love that feeling.

Credits: locidux

What are you looking forward to in our Community?

The truth is, I was a bit frisky to do film photography. But discovering that more people with the same interest and taste is a satisfaction. In this Community, I hope to continue in sharing the passion and above all, learn to keep making the most of it.

Your favorite analogue camera as of the moment? Why?

I can tell you three: Konica C35 for being the first and for giving me the freedom to take pictures while following the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography. The Smena 8M for its simplicity, its saturation and vignetting. And the Olympus OM-1n as I enjoy using it for its all-metal mechanical marvel plus it offers unparalleled picture quality and has the best display I’ve seen even including any digital camera.

Credits: locidux

What is the Lomographic camera you’d want to have someday?

No doubt the Lomo LC-A +. I want to try the camera that gave rise to this movement. See if the Magi behaves well with me and bring me that camera this year!

Share your current favorite Lomograph (could be yours or a friend’s) and explain why it is your favorite.

This is one of my favorites. I really like because its narrow depth of field gives a nice bokeh. Moreover, the mechanical clock (I always carry a Seiko) and old book represent my passion for all things analog.

Credits: locidux

Are you new in this Community? Wanna say hello? Then drop me a line at and you might just be our next Newcomer of the Week!

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