Doubles with Love: Ron and Evie, the Curious Furballs

Disillusioned by the monotonous expression of a wooden feline party animal, a lomographer moves two furry sisters into her home in search of fresh multiples of movement, whimsy, curiosity, and fur.

Doubles with Love

Party Cat used to be the only feline in the house. Before furballs were allowed. Before the allergy medication was stocked up. Before the furniture changed colour. The object of the lomographer’s Diana F+ experiments, Party Cat was a consistently still model.

Party Cat

But then, the curious furball sisters Ron and Evie arrived. They were furry, fast, inquisitive, and lively. Party Cat’s two shiny hats were no match for these crazy cats and their backyard antics.

Backyard Antics

A whole roll of half-frame overlaps could have been shot on the LC-Wide of Ron and Evie before they’d get bored and wander away. Although Party Cat wins in the ‘staying still’ contest, Ron and Evie, with their furry legs and purring bodies, could provide just the right amount of movement while staying in the frame.

Evie, Evie, Ron, Evie, Ron

The dangling camera strap is usually enough to keep the attention on the camera most of the time. This can be seen in their mesmerising eyes that always seem to look slightly to the right…(much like Party Cat’s expressionless gaze)

Camera Strap Fiends

This lomographer’s house has been mx’d into a furball of movement since Ron and Evie arrived on the scene. Double the cat, twice the amount of love.

Credits: jojo8785

Take a look at the MX CATS album!

Note: Despite his lack of spontaneous movement, Party Cat still dominates the party.

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