Pearl Earl Grey!

The Lomography Earl Grey 100 is in my opinion, a real pearl among black and white film. If you like taking black and white pictures, you should really give it a try!

The Lomography Earl Grey 100 is my first black and white film that I used that is manufactured by Lomography. It is a real beauty but you should watch out for the low ISO value! This film is perfect to take on a sunny holiday or a location with lots of sun. But it’s quickly underexposed if you shoot without a flash. So don’t forget to use the B-setting on your camera and try to keep your camera as steady as possible in situations where there just isn’t enough light available.

Amazing contrast
What’s so great about the Earl Grey is its amazing deep blacks in contrast with the lighter greys surrounding it. It’s a film with the possibility of producing large contrast.

Don’t think to much
Last but not least, don’t think to much! Try something new and creative! I myself tried to shoot directly into the sun while my friends were setting up their cameras. A true Lomo moment if you ask me, good luck on finding yours!

Lomography’s Earl Grey is an exquisite black and white 35mm ISO 100 film that will surely give your shots an extra dose of style and class. Whether you’re taking landscapes or portraits, you will get jaw-dropping results with Earl Grey's Earl Grey’s super-fine grain and wide tonal range. Check all of out Lomography films here.

written by camielioo on 2013-02-05 in #reviews #black #100iso #sun #la-sardina #earl-grey #white
translated by xgitte

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