Self-Portraits with the Horizon Cameras


Are you one of those that loves taking photos of yourself? What's your camera of choice to do so with? Our bet is the Horizon! So if you answered yes to the first question but haven't yet experienced the pleasure of the Horizon self-shoot have our community let you in on their secret...

Credits: lolfox & albie

The Horizon Perfekt and Horizon Kompakt cameras are the “perfekt” choices for self-portraiture.

Fit 1, 2, or a bunch of subjects in a single shot owing to the wider than normal panorama view you have at your behest!

Credits: neja, noe_arteaga & nia_ffm

With the Horizon Perfekt you’ll never appear vain as the background captured behind you tells a vivid story in complements you and brings harmony to the overall deception. You’re meant to be the center of attention in the Horizon panoramas and we assure you no one is raising an eyebrow.

Credits: alessandroleen, leocardarelli & emilios

Till the end of Friday, 18 January you’re able to enjoy a 30% off, special price on both the Horizon Perfekt and Horizon Kompakt cameras!

Credits: life_on_mars & neja

Visit our Online Shop now, and most importantly share your self-portraits with all of us!

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    EEK! Thanks for picking one of my hold Horizon photos!! =)

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