Fotosuecadas (SwededPhotos): A Blog that will Make you Laugh

"Fotosuecadas" (SwededPhotos) is a blog that parodies the hilarious images from Akward Family Photos. Jana and Lara are the creative minds behind this project and they themselves are telling us what a "fotosuecada" (SwededPhotos) is.

Fotosuecadas (SwededPhotos), is a hilarious blog that is part of the Vice Blogging Network and we are sure that it will make you laugh. We’ve contacted its creators to tell us what this is about, enjoy what we have:

Tell us something about you, a quick presentation

We are Jana & Lara. We’ve known each other since for years, and we have been working together all that time.
We spend most of the day in front of each other. We are like a couple, we have no secrets, we discuss a lot, and sometimes we say the same thing at the same time. Even more, we complement each other a lot: Jana is a good dancer and I (Lara) sing.

What’s a “Sweded Photo”? How was born this blog?

First of all, to understand the meaning of “Sweded Photo” you need to have watched Gondry’s flm “Be kind Rewind” in which we discover the term “Sweded”. If you have not seen it, you have to, it’s awesome. Anyway, a “Sweded Photo” i a homemade copy of a photo that we take as reference.

In the beginning we did these photos as a birthday present to our friends, Everyone loved them, so we decided to publish them in/on a blog.

What is the thing that attracts you more about Awkward Family Photos?

It is the starting point of the idea, without AFP this project wouldn’t exist. When we discovered this page, we thought nothing more hilarious than this could exist in the world. The photos are always authentic.

What do you like most about family photos?

It`s always freaky. All of them are kitsch, everyone has a detail that makes them unique. Moreover if it is from the States it gains points and when it is made in a photo studio it’s marvelous.

Which famous family would you like to “swede”?

The Baldwin brothers, they have a lot of potential.

Actually, in which proyjects are you working on?

We’ve also done a book, we have edited it ourselves, we sell it to our friends. “The swearword book” is a book with more than 60 swearwords that we have made up ourselves. It has graphics and all. It’s really cool, now we are working on volume II.

We already follow Fotosuecadas’ blog and their Facebook! We recommend you to do it too!. And here it is a secret: Lara and Jana areLlomographers! Follow their Lomohomes, pocacosa and janius.

Get inspired by Fotosuecadas and send your photo to the competition Fotos de Familia.

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