Analogue Resolutions for 2013

In 2013, I'm going to expand on last year's analogue resolutions (and probably my camera collection) to make this the best lomo-year yet!

Take a camera with me at all times

I actually made this resolution last year and I probably had a camera in my bag at least 90% of the time. I found there were a few times I was glad to have a camera on me, but overall the times that mattered I would have brought a camera anyway. I never felt like I was going to miss a chance though! Obviously light-weight cameras are the winner in this situation and I often carried my Holga 135, Superheadz Wide and Slim or Superheadz Golden Half cameras with a spare film.

Be crazier

Double exposures, long exposures, upside down and inside out — it’s all a bit daunting when you can’t judge the result immediately and shoot again, but I’m determined to try more daring techniques. This Christmas I threw away all my reservations and shot long exposures, multiple exposures, used my Colorsplash Flash and didn’t bother looking through the viewfinder quite a few times. Some turned out not so great, and some have great potential while others were just plain hilarious. This has taught me a few things for next time and that I can push the envelope even further.

Holga 135 and Colorsplash Flash with Lomography CN 800 film.

Attempt DIY

There are about a million DIY tutorials right here in the Lomographic community and I’m keen to try some out. One of my favourites include making your own coloursplash flash filters and double exposing frames with images from your computer. I’m also keen to cut out some black cardboard shapes and see what I can do by double exposing the frame.

Oh, and a pinhole camera – I will be needing to make one of those too. Good thing you could use just about anything, even a film box!

Ask people to take their photo

Last year I went to the Abbey Medieval Festival for the third year in a row, but the first time in a costume. It was nothing spectacular, just a long vintage dress that converted well to medieval, but I got asked for my photo several times and had some great conversations with other photographers (film and digital) as a result. This year I will endeavor to ask more people for photos, especially friends and people who are dressed in a costume.

Pentax ME with Fuji Pro 160S; Abbey Medieval Festival with a Superheadz Wide and Slim; Holga 135 with Rollei Creative Edition Crossbird film.

Not care about the cost
Film photography is not the cheapest hobby I could have chosen, but I love it. This year I’ll load that film, snap away and get excited to see the result and buy some more.

Take a day trip just to take photos

Even if it’s just once, I want to drive somewhere for the sole interest of taking some photos. I have a few very local places in mind such as a bridge at night for light trails, to the nearby mountains which look over amazingly scenic lakes and valleys. You often don’t have to go far to find these places, but I often struggle to set aside a day to do it because I feel like I should be doing those mature and responsible things like washing or cleaning.

Pentax ME at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens; Superheadz Golden Half at the Canberra War Memorial and the Kingaroy Peanut Van in Queensland.

Take self portraits

I feel vain, but stuff it. I never end up on the other side of the lens and when I ask others to take my photo it turns out motion blurry and out of focus. Tripod + trigger release = done.

Superheadz Golden Half and Pentax ME.

written by percyowl on 2013-01-14 in #lifestyle

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